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    • $ 2.69

    Hudson RCI's SofTech Nasal Cannula's are produced with a special manufacturing process to create an exceptionally soft cannula eliminating the harsh discomfort caused by other delivery systems.

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    Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannulas from WestMed feature super soft tubing around the face and ears to maximize comfort and eliminate the rubbing and soreness often caused by traditional cannulas.

    • $ 9.99

    The unique OxyArm incorporates a telephone like headset and adjustable cannula arm, that extends in front of the face, to provide a direct nasal cannula interface without direct contact to the cheeks or ears.

    • $ 2.49

    Salter 16-Soft Nasal Cannulas are made of an extra soft material that gently curves to conform naturally to your nostrils and upper lip. The cannula's tubing is exceptionally soft and pliable, stretching as you move to reduce dragging and pressure on the tender areas around your nose, face and ears.

    • $ 1.89

    Hudson RCI's Over-The-Ear Nasal Cannula's provide a comfortable and secure fit. The Star Lumen Supply Tube is crush and kink-resistant and includes a standard connector for easy attachement to most oxygen tubing.

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    These clear, lightweight Salter 1600 Nasal Cannulas with Oxygen Supply Tubing incorporate a unique one piece anatomical design that eliminates the need for irritating flaps. The Oxygen Supply Tube includes a three-channel, crush and kink-resistant design.

    • $ 2.79

    These clear, lightweight Salter 1600Q "Quiet" Nasal Cannulas with 7 or 25-Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing virtually eliminate flow noise. In addition they incorporate a unique one piece anatomical design that eliminates the need for irritating flaps.

    • $ 24.95

    Tidy Tubing is the well mannered oxygen supply tubing that stretches when you need extra length and self-retracts into a tight coil when you don't. Tidy Tubes come complete with a disposable soft cannula and a convenient clothing/bedding clip; and are available in 5, 10 and 15 inch coils with effective ranges of 5, 10 and 15 feet!

    • $ 75.49

    The Nasal-Aire II is a breakthrough "cannula style" mask with no hard frame and extremely minimal facial contact. Nasal-Aire II Prongs (or Pillows) are soft and lightweight with six sizes available to fit a very wide range of users. Adaptive, adjustable headgear straps are included for optional use.
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    • $ 1.49

    These soft, light gray, closed-cell foam tubes are designed to cover the tubing that sits behind ears when wearing oxygen cannulas. E-Z Wraps improve comfort and help prevent chafing and soreness.

    • $ 29.99

    This stylish Accessory Bag is designed to complement your SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator. It is great for storing accessories, extra cannulas, paperwork, batteries or personal items.

    • $ 19.99

    These replacement nasal prongs/pillows will fit all NasalAire II CPAP Masks. There are six sizes available. All sizes will fit all NasalAire II masks.

    • $ 9.49

    This is the adjustable black headgear straps and pieces provided with all current NasalAire II mask packs. Some users prefer to us only a few pieces of this package however the complete black strap headgear package is always included.

    • $ 68.99

    This is the replacement tubing system with swivel adapter for all NasalAire II masks. It does not include a prong/pillow or any headgear straps.

    • $ 4.49

    Salter's 35-FOOT GREEN Oxygen Supply Tubing has three-channels to resist kinks and occlusion. It has no "memory" so it will remain straight when uncoiled decreasing pull on cannulas and increasing overall comfort. Each transparent green vinyl oxygen supply tube comes with standard connectors on both ends so that it is compatible with oxygen concentrators from all major manufacturers

    • $ 148.99

    With rugged construction, sturdy wheels, and a telescoping handle this Travel Luggage Case is an ideal companion when you take your SimplyFlo or SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator with you on trips away from home, on the road, or in the air. The Travel Case's specially formed, padded interior protects both the concentrator and the external Power Supply from bumps and shifts during transport.

    • $ 74.99

    This attractive, multi-purpose carrying case allows users to wear the SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator over the shoulder or secure it to the mobile cart. This is an exact replacement for the carrying case that is supplied standard with all SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrators. It is a great replacement if your existing case has become worn or dirty.

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    The ultra quiet EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator with OPI combines a small form factor with lightweight durable construction in a brilliant home oxygen therapy solution. Offering liter flows up to 5-LPM the EverFlo Q is powerful and easy to use. We offer the EverFlo with OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) to ensure you're always receiving optimum oxygen levels as prescribed! The EverFlo is easy to maintain and durable with a long lasting 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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